A New And Timely Option

       While the courts are currently limiting and postponing temporary order hearings due to the coronavirus crisis, our Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Mediation service is another way to quickly obtain family law temporary orders that are enforceable by the court, without needing to schedule a hearing with the Court.  ADR or mediating temporary orders is a new tool in the family law attorney’s toolbox to help represent clients and resolve temporary orders in an effective and timely manner during this unprecedented time.

        Mr. Sautter is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family and Appellate mediator. He is available now to assist parties with obtaining temporary orders using the timelines for motions. However, mediation also has flexibility; if parties agree, timelines can be extended, or shortened. Temporary order mediation can  be held remotely via videoconference or teleconference for the safety of all participants.

Experienced And Trusted Professional

       Mr. Sautter has substantial experience in family law matters and a deep understanding of the legal, financial, and emotional elements of family law issues. His extensive experience allows him to review and resolve all family law matters, including cases that involve complex issues, in a fair and equitable manner.

The Advantages Of Temporary Order Mediation

       Because traditional Temporary Order Hearings are currently limited, or unavailable, the Temporary Order Mediation option offers several benefits:

  • Timely: It can be arranged as quickly, or more quickly, than traditional temporary order hearings.
  • Effective: Resolve any and all issues addressed by the court.
  • Neutral: A mediator is an experienced, unbiased professional focused on facilitating a fair and equitable temporary resolution.
  • Safe: The process is remote, via video conferencing or telephonic conferencing, which meets the strictest of governmental advisories on limiting contact, e.g. “social distancing.”
  • Predictable: The parties get to choose who will be mediation their temporary order motion, as opposed to traditional court process, where you have no input/control of who makes the decisions.

       Because the courts are currently either severely limited, or unavailable, for hearing temporary orders, this process allows parties to obtain the direction and assistance they need as their matter is proceeding. Further, it is anticipated there will be a large backlog of cases needing to be resolved once the “stay home” directives have been lifted. Mediation will continue to help those at higher risk for COVID-19, or who have high-risk family members, who will benefit from ongoing social distancing.

Is Mediation Available?

       Yes. If parties would prefer to address their disputes via traditional mediation, that option remains available as well.  Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to resolve matters by agreement. Resolution reached by agreement has been shown to provide a more holistic approach as well as a higher likelihood of parties being willing to abide by the orders, because they created them by agreement.

Contact Us To Reserve a Mediation Date

      We are available on a first-come, first-served basis and must be confirmed by our office. For further information about scheduling, please call us a 305-670-2510, hit the Online Contact form button below, or email us.